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So excited to spotlight another excellent Lancaster-native wedding photographer on the blog today! Diane is one of those super multi-talented people who I'm convinced is successful in every little thing she dabbles in...from accounting to photography to furniture upcycling and decor. And she has the lovable personality and caring heart to go with it...yup, this girl's a gem! Here's Diane, of Di Images.

Di Images

A moment in time – forever.

I've always owned a really good camera...” That's how my story starts, every time someone asks me how I got into photography. Going digital was not something I was in favor of. I disliked the quality of the images I was seeing from digital photographers. Eventually, I changed my mind. In 2009, I bought my first digital pro camera. I started second shooting and assisting with weddings for several really great companies that have taught me most of what I now know. Being a wedding photographer, with all those dark questions, like, "am I good enough," "do I know what I'm doing," etc. really made me unsure. Was it ever going to be something I was brave enough to try? By the end of 2011, I had twelve weddings booked for the next year and that was my kick-off! I have never regretted my decision to shoot weddings.


In December of last year (2013), with 24 weddings under my belt, I had my very own wedding! Wedding planning was not my favorite thing and I'm not shy about admitting it. It takes a ton of mental capacity! Brides have a tremendous amount of responsibility, no matter how large or small, simple or fancy the wedding. Becoming a bride myself makes it all more clear to me now. The first time I cried at a wedding (I was shooting it) was just after I started dating my best friend. Crying was for funerals, not weddings, in my mind. Now, I get it. I am falling in love with love and here are the reasons why:

Every wedding is beautiful! Plain, fancy, elegant, simple, small, large, inside, outside--none of that matters. Put a girl in a pretty dress and surround her with both the one she loves and all the folks who love them, and my favorite spot in the world is to be documenting the whole thing. A front-row seat to the happiest day of their lives. The day where emotions run thick and strong and happiness is everywhere. People's most beautiful talents are everywhere. I get to meet the greatest people and see into the heart of their love.

I think a wedding day for every bride and groom should be carefree and fun. Plan your wedding to the T. But on the day of, put every ounce of trust in your vendors, and enjoy your day. The flowers. The hair. The food. The decorations. You shouldn't have to worry about a thing the day you are getting married. HIRE YOURSELF AN EXCELLENT WEDDING COORDINATOR! It makes all the difference. My goal is to help the wedding day go smoothly. If there is anything that I or one of my assistants can do to help, we will.

I love hearing how people met and “fell in love." How did you know this person was THE ONE? I don't think I will ever tire of hearing these stories. Especially when told from the groom's perspective. I think every girl likes to hear her guy talk about how he decided to choose her. I know I do.

I want to know everything about the wedding. Who put all this work into making the centerpieces, or the cake, or the bride's dress? Where did all this food come from? We can gain insight from each other and that is what makes blogs and websites so rich. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I love networking and learning from others.

Connecting with clients is my favorite thing, and I feel lucky to befriend so many people, wedding after wedding. I am meeting with a bride this afternoon and I'm excited to sit down with her and chat about her special day! Yes, this is for sure the best part.

Something I learned at a workshop that I will never forget, is that when you are a photographer, you have to forget about whatever is troubling you in your personal life. Put it aside. Focus on the Bride and Groom and be happy, be cheerful, be alert. I can think of more than three times when I have had to put this into practice. It's hard, and it's easy. On one hand, a wedding day is a great distraction to the hardships of life. On the other hand, it can be hard to clear your brain of all the fog. Either way, it is important in all business. When you work with your clients as closely as a photographer does, your focus is on them. Not yourself.

The primary love/hate relationship I have with this business is the growing and learning aspect. Always learning about lighting and Photoshop programs, actions and new apps to make my workflow more efficient. Every time I think of buying or installing a new program I grit my teeth and tell myself over and over, "You're not going to like it now, but think about how much time it will save after you have mastered it.” I shiver and shake, but it never keeps me from plunging ahead.

Two more things that are helping me to fall in love with love...My goal is keep things simple. To utilize what I already have, and to do it well. Fried and Hanson say it bluntly, “Use whatever you've got already or can afford cheaply. Then go. It's not the gear that matters. It's playing with what you've got as well as you can.” I can never talk about my work without mentioning the assistants and second shooters. I depend on them hugely. I couldn't do any of this alone and I never regret having them with me. Things go wrong. It's the most dependable law in life and when it does I am prepared. It is also a great learning tool for them. Experience is everything. I started out as an assistant and now the girls who assist me are also doing weddings of their own.

I hope this article speaks to you, the bride, and maybe also to photographers. If you have questions about photography or vendors or just want to pick my brain, contact me. I would love to talk to you!

To learn more and stay up to date with her latest work, "like" Di Images on Facebook and check out her blog. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I absolutely love weddings. I think this wedding turned out great especially from the pictures that you posted. The bride seems so happy and the couple seems so in love. They really made it seem like it was the best day of their lives! http://www.adeviaspa.com/pages/BridalServices/


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