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Featured Vendor || My Faire Lady Designs

It is an honor to be able to feature the lovely handiwork of Clarita (Barkman) Yoder of Jesup, GA here at From Miss to Mrs. today. If you're interested in unique details and special touches to complete the whimsy of your wedding day, don't miss this post! Even if you're not planning a wedding at the moment, you'll still want to check out the darling products she offers. The My Faire Bebé line is just the eye candy you need if you've a precious babe on the way or a baby shower on the calendar. (I can hardly wait to stow away a stash of those darling burp cloths once Caleb and I start nesting!) Clarita is a true sweetheart, and I can assure you that doing business with her will be a pleasure and a delight!
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My Faire Lady Designs really began on an excited whim! I had been making headbands for my two daughters (ages 1 & 3 at the time) because I couldn't find ones that I liked in my price range - I wanted unique items, not just a Walmart look. Our little town has festivals several times a year, and a few friends and I went together and had a little booth at one of them. Truth be told, at the end of the day, we were left with a lot of products and we were rather discouraged! That led us to begin a Facebook page to try to sell the items we had left over. That was four years ago, and it has now developed into a most fun little side business and creative outlet for me.

The business began with headbands and flower clips for little girls, and now has developed into a line for brides & bridesmaids & flower girls, as well as a line of baby products. The Facebook page still remains as the main website, although I do run specials on my blog sometimes as well. Many of the orders I receive are straight from the Facebook page, but I also have done quite a bit of custom work as well, especially working with brides and flower girls. That has included anything from lace-covered shoes for a bride, to a feather and crystal fascinator to wear with a birdcage veil, to custom colors for flower girls or brides or bridesmaids. I so enjoy working with my customers, and creating something that makes them say, "This is exactly what I was hoping for!"

My style could be described as unique vintage-inspired but with a modern twist. In creating headbands and accessories for brides and girls, my desire is not to create attention-getting statements, but rather pieces that accentuate the natural God-given beauty from little girls to women. Uniqueness and charm are two things I try to capture in my work, that cannot just be picked up at any store.

So much of my inspiration for my pieces comes from having three of my own children, and wanting fun and one-of-a-kind pieces for them. Because of that, My Faire Bebé began within the past two years and offers a line of products for babies up to 12 months, including onesies for both boys and girls, burp cloths, diaper clutches, and bow ties.

Please mention "Melanie's Wedding Services" to receive 10% off your order, now through October of 2014.

Thank you so much, Clarita!

If you love what you see here, be sure to leave Clarita some love in the comments below. Don't forget to like My Faire Lady Designs on Facebook as well for updates and new products. And be sure to take advantage of her generous promotional offer to us...then come back and let the rest of us know what you purchased!

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