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Featured Vendor || C. Smucker Photography

I first connected with Christy Smucker during the planning stages of my own wedding, when Caleb and I were searching for the right photographer for our big day. Her response to my inquiry was unforgettably warm; she completely and instantly endeared herself to me. You pick up on that cozy "coffee shop with an old friend" vibe from her in the very first conversation you have. You can just tell right away that she is one of those people who is not only extremely skilled at what she does, but is also super fun and easy to work with. And that, my dear bride-to-be, is absolutely invaluable in a wedding photographer!

What type of photography do you specialize in?

Currently I'm specializing in wedding photography. When I first started my photography business I shot everything I could--babies, children, families, weddings, seniors, and events. Over time I have begun to appreciate the benefits of focusing on a particular type of photography. I want to meet my clients in their natural environment and tell their stories as organically as possible. Quite obviously the needs of a newborn and newly postpartum mother are vastly different from those of a senior or a bride. While I have a deep appreciation for the beauty in each stage of life, I believe specializing allows me to better refine my ability to meet the needs of my clients.


My own love story is such a special part of my life and has often inspired me in working with couples on their wedding days. Sometimes before photographing a wedding I will look through our wedding pictures (which were taken more than eleven years ago!) to help me remember what it felt like to be a bride--the giddy excitement and the wonder of knowing that being held in my husband's arms was finally the place where I belonged for the rest of my life.

How would you describe your photography style?

I definitely love a photo-journalistic, story telling element in photography and also incorporate classic portraiture to create a timeless look. When my work was first described to me as simple I wasn't too sure it was a compliment since I thought of simple as being something easy to do. I have learned to embrace simple as my style. Simple because it is not fussy, it is clean, and it is beautiful in a classic sense. I think there is also a sense of quiet restfulness that can be seen as a result of keeping the photography a low-stress, enjoyable time of togetherness. During stressful situations that will inevitably come up, my team and I do everything we can to protect the bride and keep the wedding day carefree for her. I also attempt to create images that are fresh, relevant to today.

In what area are you available for wedding photography?

Anywhere! I'm based in Atlanta, GA, but I love to travel. I have photographed weddings in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina and even Alberta, Canada. The weddings I have booked so far this year will be located in four different states.

What do you love about being a wedding photographer?

Weddings are incredibly beautiful and intimate events. They are times to celebrate life with the people who know you best, a time to commit to love someone forever, a time for parents to release their little girl to a man who promises to take care of her for the rest of his life. There are bubbly bridesmaids, a few nervous jitters from the groom that sometimes lead to hilarious stress-relief, and the radiant glow that makes every bride so beautiful. There is laughter, adoring gazes between the happy couple, little girls in awe of the bride, beaming parents, and guests full of excitement, too. Even with many elements in common, no two weddings are ever the same because each couple is unique--their personalities, their families, and their life experiences all tell a story that is most personal and beautiful.

This. This story telling of a bride and groom's wedding day is my favorite part of wedding photography. It is such a tremendous honor to be invited to witness the telling of this love story, the celebration of what has been told and what will continue to be written. Authors write with words. As a wedding photographer I tell stories with my pictures. The sacred vows, the tears that slip out the corner of your eye, the moments of intimacy, and the joyful celebration all breathe the most spectacular story lines. I'm there, quietly, photographing the day you will consider one of the best days of your life. I feel truly privileged.

My wedding packages range from $2000-3500. Mention Melanie's Wedding Services when you book your wedding with me by April 1, 2014, and receive a 10% discount on the cost of your wedding photography package.

What my brides have said...
  • Wow, Christy! Thank you ever, ever so much. I feel like I just revisited our wedding day, and all the emotions came rolling back in...the pictures are so full of life--we are thrilled!
  • I chose Christy because I love the simplicity and fresh feeling that her work makes me feel. I love that there aren't a lot of bells and whistles, and no over-editing. She captures the emotions and makes them the message of her images. I knew I could trust her to do that with one of the most important days of my life. When I looked at my pictures--I could have looked at them over and over and over again. Christy did such a fabulous job! The best way I know to describe it, is that they made me feel warm, fuzzy, and extremely blessed! I am so happy that she was my photographer!
  • Thanks so much for all your help! You've been so helpful and professional. I will definitely be referring people!
  • Thanks so much for the picture CDs! The CD case was gorgeous! I never saw anything so elegant. Wow! Sometimes I wish we could go back and live that day over again…it was so much fun. The photos are lovely! It was so much fun to relive the memories. The wonderful day seems almost like a dream so it’s good we have photos to document it. It nearly made me cry as I looked through the pictures. My husband also commented several times how impressed he was with your quiet efficiency.

I would love to meet up for coffee to talk about your wedding plans. For brides not close to Atlanta, I would be happy to set up a date to Skype instead. You can reach me by visiting my website or Facebook page or by giving me a call at (404) 433-2182.


Thanks for stopping by today! If you're a fan of Christy's work, be sure to leave her some love in the comment forum below. Happy Monday!

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