Monday, December 9, 2013

Money-Saving Mondays: Use Ceremony Decor as Reception Decor

What's the hardest thing to cut when you're trying to keep your wedding cheap? Decorations. Especially flowers.

(P.S. Keep in mind that flowers are even more expensive over holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day.)

But if you plan carefully, you can cut costs in half by using the same floral arrangements and other themed items at both the ceremony AND the reception.

Ask your coordinator to designate someone trustworthy to safely transfer articles from one location to the next between the two events. (You shouldn't have to worry about it personally!) For example, the birdcage full of flowers that sat on our guest registry table at the entrance to the ceremony doubled as the centerpiece for our head table--and then TRIPLED as a gift for Caleb's grandmother at the end of the night!

Photo credits to Beaute Photography

Floral arranging by Bonita Beachy

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