Friday, July 19, 2013

My Wedding: Table Numbers

The second I laid my eyes on this Pinterest pin, I knew this was one of those ideas I simply "couldn't get married without." And when the dreary days of winter dragged on and I plumb ran out of wedding-related to-do's that I could work ahead on, this project kept away the engagement blues and fueled my excitement for our still-far-off Big Day! I enlisted the help of my super-savvy-scrapbooker bridesmaid Janae, and she really gets most of the credit for the fact that they turned out as well as they did.

Instead of the typical #1-#21, our guests' tables were dubbed "1992"-"2012." Caleb and I are both blessed with moms who are good "record-keepers"--they had plenty of photos of us to choose from AND incredible memories of what happened when!

Photo credit to Beaute Photography

We skipped escort cards and had the guests check out this wall to find their table instead. (Janae gets almost all of the credit for this, too!)

Happy weekend to you all! <3

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