Monday, May 27, 2013


All the planning is finally past for me personally, and we are over two weeks into marital bliss--the "other" side of the journey. And it is wonderful!

Now that the wedding is over, I have hoards of new posts to share with you...things I used at my wedding, reviews, vendor features...the list is endless. I'll cover them as quickly as possible as time allows in between settling into this "homemaking" thing and enjoying my new husband.

Giving credit where credit's due...

  • We've seen a few of our wedding photos already and are thrilled with the job that Beaute Photography did. Go here to see more, and leave Mike & Kayla some feedback!
  • Our florist, Bonita Beachy, did a fantastic job with our flowers. Check out her Facebook page here!
  • Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast was the location for most of our bride & groom photos. The rest of the photos were taken at the residence of Sam & Fanny Esh in Bird In Hand, PA.
  • Our cake was made and decorated by Achenbach's Pastries, Inc. of Leola, PA.
  • Gracious friends of ours from church prepared and cleaned up the meal, and our dear friend Judith Weaver coordinated the day splendidly and saw that everything went off without a hitch.
Getting married is without a doubt the most delightful, most convenient, and most fulfilling thing I have ever done. You should definitely try it sometime. ;)

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