Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guest Author Kimberly Petersheim on "The Role of a Bridesmaid"

Today I have the privilege of introducing another guest author who has expertise on the role of a bridesmaid. I love her take on this role! Here's what Kimberly Petersheim of Oley, Pennsylvania has to say...

Often times when you are asked to be a bridesmaid you automatically light up and get all excited about the wedding day, when you get to walk down the aisle, look all pretty, and stand beside the bride on her big day. You start picturing a gorgeous wedding that is exactly the bride's style and how beautiful the dress you’ll get to wear will be.

What a lot of bridesmaids miss, is that a lot goes on in between the time you get asked to be a bridesmaid and the time of the wedding. Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor. The bride has chosen you to be in her bridal party because you are one of her best friends and she knows that you will be a huge support and help in the upcoming months of the engagement. She wants to pick the friends she knows will feel the excitement with her while still being there for her when things don't seem to go right (when she can't seem to find a church or can't seem to find the perfect dress or maybe it's the last week of the wedding and things just don't seem to be coming together). She needs to know that she has her friends who will be right beside her diving in to go to whatever measure necessary to help her pull off her dream wedding.

A wedding is lots of work and always is more involved than the bride ever imagined. Once she gets busy with the wedding planning, she will soon realize how much she needs help and before long her bridesmaids will be getting a call with her huge "to do" list. This is the part of a wedding that a bridesmaid is really needed for. The bride has shown you how much you mean to her by asking you to be a part of her wedding party, so now is the time to show her how important she is to you.

Offering to do whatever you can, taking her out for a fun night to free her mind, taking her out for coffee and letting her talk about her wedding the whole night, calling and asking how things are going with the wedding plans, sending her little texts or notes, etc. etc. etc. can make her day and ease her mind. You can also spend some of your nights hanging out at her place helping her work on wedding things. Things like this are simple and yet they will mean a lot. Because the wedding is one of the biggest events of the bride's life, she will feel loved and appreciated when she knows that you care and are excited about her big day.

Another big part of being asked to be a bridesmaid is to throw her a bachelorette party. Just remember that this is your one chance to spoil your best friend, so go for it. Do the best you can to make it one of the most special memories she has ever had with her girlfriends. Think about her personality and what she likes to do and then get creative. The more unique, the more memorable.

How you respond to the question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" will show the bride what kind of a friend you really are. You can seal your friendship with the bride for the rest of your life by showing her how hard you will work for her and how much you care about her life or you can show her that you’re just in for the fun of the friendship. She will pick up on your attitude either way so take this opportunity to let your friendship grow. Remember, this is your chance to show the bride how special she really is.

Thanks for that valuable advice, Kim!

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