Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Author Rebekah Rolan on "The Wedding Day Emergency Bag"

As promised, here's Bekah's list of what should be included in that wedding day emergency kit.


For clothing

-Extra stockings

-Lint roller

-Static Guard

-Safety pins

-Sewing kit

-Tide bleach pen

-White chalk (for stains on a white dress)

-Krazy Glue

For makeup/hair/jewelry

-Makeup/Clear nail polish

-Nail polish remover/makeup remover


-Compact mirror

-Extra hair clips/bobby pins/hair bands

-Extra earring backs, if needed

-Corsage pins

-Emery boards

-Hair brush/comb


Food/Medicinal Needs

-Toothbrush/toothpaste/Mouthwash/Dental Picks/Floss

-First Aid kit/BandAids

-Benadryl/Advil/Tums/Gas-X/Cough Drops/Blister defense

-Snacks (the bride’s favorite things – to tempt her nervous stomach)

-Washcloth to tuck in her neckline while she brushes her teeth or eats

-Gum/Breath mints

-Straws/Bottled Water

Miscellaneous needs

-Feminine hygiene products


-Hand lotion


-Lens cleaning wipes

-Anti-bacterial wipes/hand sanitizer

-Hand warmers if it’s cold and you’ll be taking pictures outside



-Post-it notes

-Black Sharpie


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