Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Address Etiquette

Christmas vacation is gone, and with it lots of items on my own wedding to-do list. How about you; did you get a lot accomplished during the last couple weeks?

Now that the holidays are past, Caleb and I only have about four months to go, and it's starting to feel like REALITY. Today I'm working on addressing our, while I give my writing hand a break--what better time to do a post on invitation etiquette?

After being an avid "penpal" to several dozen-some little friends as a child and then working as a school secretary for three years, I should be an expert on the whole addressing thing; but no, I still must call upon Google for the nitty-gritty.

First things first. I read somewhere that it's proper etiquette to HAND-WRITE names on envelopes for wedding invitations. Don't know how true or how important that is, but I took it to heart--I'm not crazy about my own handwriting, but I do think I like how this looks.

This is the part I've been hitting up Google for over and over...the proper arrangement of titles. There are conflicting sources, but here's my [concise] version:
  • Simple, standard man & wife: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
  • If the man is a medical doctor or has a Ph.D.: Dr. and Mrs. John Doe
  • If the woman is a medical doctor or has a Ph.D.: Dr. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe
  • If both are either a medical doctor or have a Ph.D.: Drs. John and Jane Doe
  • Children: Master for boys, Miss for girls
  • Single woman: Ms. or Miss Jane Doe (some sources say "Miss" is only for girls under 18)
  • Widowed woman: Mrs. Jane Doe
  • Single or widowed man: Mr. John Doe
  • Brother and sister: Mr. John Doe and Miss Jane Doe OR Miss Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe (older sibling first)
  • Single person and significant other or friend: Mr. John Doe & Miss Jane Doe (other way around is acceptable if you are relationally closer to the woman)
Read up on the United States Postal Service regulations. (I almost made reply cards as postcards that I realized just in time as I checked their site, would have been too small to mail.) Some sources tell you to spell out every word of the address (i.e. Street instead of St.) but standard post office protocol calls for abbreviations--although this might not be as important if addresses are handwritten as opposed to printed.

Am I missing anything, or have I provided any incorrect information? Please feel free to comment below!

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