Friday, December 21, 2012

Consumer Search

While we're on the theme of gift registries, here's a site I found helpful as I gathered ideas for what to register for: Consumer Search. is a website that helps users find answers about what products are top-rated or best bets in their class. Our mission is to reduce the time it takes readers to make an intelligent purchase. The process begins when our editors scour the Internet and print publications for comparative reviews and other sources relevant to the topic. We then analyze these reviews and sources and rank them according to how credible they are, based on specific criteria we have developed for this purpose (see below for more on these criteria).
Our website is partly a search tool (see the Our Sources page) and partly a consolidator of wisdom and analysis (see our Best Reviews and Full Report sections). Use whichever of these tools you find most useful.
You've probably seen the Consumer Report magazines...Consumer Search is like a free version of those. I wanted to know what the best economical vacuum cleaner is on the market these days, the most sought-after iron, the highest-quality electric knife, etc. Consumer Search made my research simpler...along with reading reviews on, in some cases.

I tend to be the more frugal one in our relationship (at least when it comes to household items), but Caleb is always urging me to spend the money for "the best in its class" rather than settling for the lower-priced alternative. When it comes to wedding gifts, you only get to do this once--so go ahead and seek products that will last and that will serve you well! ;)

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