Monday, November 26, 2012

Tactfully Tackling the Task of ... Registering

Registering can be a touchy issue. If you're like me, you may balk at the idea of creating one at all, because it can seem tacky to "ask" for gifts! Especially among Mennonite culture, it seems that to some people (especially older generations), registering for gifts is almost considered rude/obnoxious. I know many people who simply chose to not do it (and, in some cases, their moms/sisters/best friends kept a list of suggestions handy for those guests who took the initiative to inquire). Kudos to them; I think that can be a great route to follow.

In our case, however, we discussed it and came to the conclusion that, since people will want to bring gifts anyway, we might as well bite the bullet and make a registry in order to make shopping easier for those who appreciate knowing what the bride and groom want most.

So what are some ways to do a registry with, much tact as possible? Here are a few ideas I've come up with.

  • Don't include registry information with your invitations. Instead, post it on your wedding website--this way, people who choose to search for it can easily find it. (You SHOULD include your web address on your invitation, unless you've otherwise distributed it already. Alternatively, you could simply ask your family members/close friends to have the information available for anyone who asks...or even go so far as to intentionally spread the word for you.
  • Don't post registry information on your social media sites (with the exception of your wedding website, of course--which is where people will be more inclined to specifically look for it). "Asking for gifts"  on Facebook, for instance?...DEFINITELY will be ruled T-A-C-K-Y by some (or most!) of your friends. Besides, not all of your FB friends are invited to the wedding in the first place, right?!
  • Be sure to register for items in all price categories. Make sure there are PLENTY of items on your list under $50, and even quite a few under $20! You don't want to make your guests feel like they need to break the bank in order to give you something you'll use.
  • Be sure that your guests know they don't HAVE to buy something from your registry. Keep in mind that there are lots of people who have been married and keeping house for years who may think of things they know you'll use and appreciate that you hadn't thought of!
Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

With these tips in mind, go ahead and create a registry without guilt. Some if not all of your guests WILL be glad for it, and besides--it's a ton of fun!

To learn more about the option Caleb & I chose to use for ours, see this earlier post.

12/4 Addendum: another good registry-related post I just happened across...

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