Thursday, October 18, 2012

WeddingWire: Seating Chart

   WeddingWire's seating chart tool is probably my favorite WeddingWire feature. When I first started playing around with it, back when I was helping my  best friend with her wedding, I quickly became addicted--really, it's like a game. You set up the tables on the grid, adjust the number of chairs, and drag your guests onto and all around the little map. It's got to be the fastest, easiest, and most FUN way to get that seating chart organized and taken care of!

A few tips as you start exploring this feature:

  • It's nice to know the dimensions of the room you're using for your reception to enter the "room size," but really not necessary as you can just as well estimate an approximate ratio and simply adjust it to your computer screen.
  • Mouse over the buttons at the top before you begin so you know what your options are.
  • Make sure you notice the "full screen" button in the top right corner! It gives you a lot more "working space."
  • Create one table and adjust the dimensions and number of seats, then "copy" that table as many times as tables you need, so that you don't have to individually change the dimensions and number of chairs on each table! *THIS WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME.*
  • You can edit the table names by clicking the "edit" button on each table. I suggest using your table numbers, but wait to number them until you're done moving tables around. (Or, as I did--mark the tables according to who is sitting there, i.e., "High School Friends," "Co-workers," etc., while you're moving people around, then go back into each one to change them to numbers later.)
  • Clicking the "print" option not only gives you opportunity to print out your seating chart as it's shown on your screen, but also lets you export an Excel spreadsheet with your table data--which can be super helpful to give to your reception "hosts." (This way, they have access to not only a map showing which table is where, but also a comprehensive lists of the tables in order by number and the names of each individual who is seated at each table.)
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