Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vendor Feature: Rachel Adshead Photography

I've known Rachel since 2006, when she became a student at Faith Mennonite High School, where I attended. Although we never spent a lot of time together, we've kept in touch throughout the years, and when Caleb and I began looking for someone to shoot our engagement pictures, she seemed like an excellent option.

Rachel has long had an interest in photography and has gradually been working towards becoming a [natural-light only] portrait photographer. We were looking for someone who wouldn't charge a whole lot (we wanted to save on our engagements and then splurge on wedding photos), would be willing to sell us full rights to the images, and be willing to shoot at our location (Caleb's home--since we wanted to take pictures with his family's horses). So, Rachel was the perfect woman for the job! And we really could hardly have been happier with her work. This girl had never done an engagement shoot before ours, and, well...just check out these pictures! She obviously has a knack for posing and seeing those perfect angles and such. ;)

Here are just a few of my favorite shots she got of us. To see more of Rachel's work or to contact her about booking a shoot, visit her Facebook page. She's a gem!


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