Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Wedding Party

Today I thought I'd introduce Caleb's and my bridal party, just for fun.

{left to right; top to bottom}
Caleb King :: Groomsman 1
Caleb's church/youth group buddy since forever. same name is bonding, probably.
Carli Beiler :: Bridesmaid 1
middle of my three sisters. darling, quirky, candy-loving clown of the family.
Janae Kauffman :: Bridesmaid 3
pretty much my fourth "sister" but we're only second cousins. close friend and confidant over last 3-4 years.
Joseph Fisher :: Groomsman 2
youngest of Caleb's brothers. his fellow horse-lover and occasional apprentice.
Patrick Ramos :: Groom's Personal Attendant
Caleb's best friend. since childhood. (and may I just say, they bring out in each other what no one else does.)
Krista Beiler :: Maid of Honor
oldest of my sisters. my cheerleader, wedding enthusiast, and biggest fan.
Austin Beiler :: Groomsman 3
my only brother. and closest-in-age sibling.
Michelle Fisher :: Bride's Personal Attendant
my bestie. since like Week 2 of freshman year of high school.
Conrad Fisher :: Best Man
Caleb's closest-in-age brother. and confidant.
(and the guy who scared off other boys -ahem- so that Caleb could ask me out.)
Mindy Beiler :: Bridesmaid 2
youngest of my sisters. and SO excited to be in a wedding for the first time.


  1. by the time this wedding will be happening, i'll wanna be a church mouse so i can see EVERYTHING - i LOVE weddings! :) Esther

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Esther! Rest assured there will be plenty of pictures and details to follow once it's all over. :)


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