Monday, June 15, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Featured Vendor | Invision Video Productions

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Audrey Wenrich of Invision Video Productions. This girl is a gem! If you're looking for a wedding videographer this year, or if you have other video project needs, I could not possibly recommend her more highly.

Invision Video Productions grew out of Audrey's lifelong passion for and love of videography. She's been playing around with video cameras since she was a child, so it seems only natural that her career path has followed suit! (And trust me, the vendors out there who are running their businesses merely for the sheer joy they find in doing what they do?--they're the best ones you can find.)

Not only does Audrey love weddings and thoroughly enjoy both the shooting and the editing processes, but she is committed to keeping her costs and rates just as low as possible in order to remain accessible to every bride and groom in Lancaster County--because she knows and understands just how important the ability to relive a wedding day through a video truly is, and sincerely wants to be able to provide each of her clients with that precious gift.

Photo courtesy of Dan Smith Photography

Audrey and I talked about the growing trend that wedding videography is today, and we both feel strongly that having a wedding video is becoming--and will continue to become--more and more of a key element in everyone's perfect wedding day. We know that a wedding is an investment of precious time and money, and what better way could there be to continue to benefit from that investment for generations to come, than with a professionally recorded and edited video? If a picture's worth a thousand words, consider the value of two hours' worth of video footage, containing 60 frames per second!

You can find out more about the investment by checking out, or you can contact Audrey by going to her contact page or Facebook page. Here she is, in action...

Photo courtesy of Paul V. Photography

Photo courtesy of Frank King Photography

Invision Video Productions offers a variety of packages as well as extras and add-ons to custom-fit your needs. Learn more on their website or contact Audrey for details. One option she offers that's especially fun is the "Love Story" add-on--she'll conduct and record a 3-5 minute interview with you as a couple, talking about how you met and fell in love, then creatively edit it with both pictures and video. It could be played at your reception for all your guests, as well as added to your wedding DVD so that you can hang on to that young love/newlywed feeling for years to come. (I totally wish I'd have known Audrey back when we were getting married--just for this!)

Here are a few samples of Audrey's work (visit her website to see even more).

And guess what? If you'd like to book Invision Video Productions for your 2015 wedding, you can mention you found her on the From Miss to Mrs blog (or via Melanie's Wedding Services)  to receive $50.00 off any wedding video service!

Photo courtesy of Paul V. Photography

Have a question? Ask it, or leave Audrey some love! in the comments below.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Creating Your Wedding Album

So you've spent months (maybe years) dreaming, planning, and preparing for your special day. Once you've settled into married life and are enjoying your newly-acquired state of marital bliss, you might start to think about how you can preserve all the memories you worked so hard for, so that they can be shared with generations to come. Check out this great infographic, courtesy of AA Executive Wedding Cars!